Bluegill and Redear

Spawn Temperature     68 - 75 Degrees
Spawn Area any bottom type, prefer gravel 1-4' deep, under overhanging willows or bushes
Water Temperature for Best Fishing 70 - 80 degrees
Natural Foods  insects, snails, small fish, mostly during the day
General Information Bigger fish near deeper water; use long poles or casting as to not disturb beds; live crickets or artificial flies (black ant or bream killer) are good baits; redear spawn first of April and generally use deeper water


Seasonal Information Peak Hours Depth  Area Lures
April - June   day 1 - 4'  brush and vegetation crickets, worms, flies
July - Sept dawn & dusk 4 - 8' shoreline vegetation   crickets, grubs
Oct. & Nov. mid day  1 - 4' brush & vegetation worms, grubs, jig
Dec. - March day  8 - 15'  deep brush or brush near deep water grubs, grubs, jig


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